A B O U T   B E A T A:

   When I was eleven years old I was the highest girl in my class. One day the stranger has entered into our class, indicated immediately on me and said: "O! That's the point!" I was a little confused. What did he want from me? He appeared to be a coach of the local volley-ball team and the "head-hunter". So in that way my 21-year volley-ball carrier had started. Volley-ball is in Poland the one of most popular team-games. As I usually commit all myself to the things I do, so when I was fifteen I had been invited to the national volley-ball representation, and then I joined to the first league as well. We played in European countries, Mexico, Northern Korea. But my nicest reminiscences come from Polish Cup competition. We won five times during ten years. We also took a part in European Cup competition in Holland and World Cup competition in Hungary. It is great pleasure to hear the crowd screaming your team name after won game, especially after hard and long fighting. You are a part of success, in which are interested those people, who count on success. I took a part in it through many years.

In 1988 I fell ill with my heart very seriously. Doctors told me that I nevermore would play volley-ball. That situation forced me to reflect on my life and I first time called God from the bottom of my heart. Before that time I thought He was only non-personal power. But by my illness I started the long-time learning about different success, to which God wished to lead me. This success does not finish with sport season end and does not come with good physical condition, but bears in man's heart and comes from the heart of God. This is desire to be like His Son, Jesus Christ, as we read in the Letter to Romans 8:29.

I joined to Covenant Community, which comes from charismatic movement in Catholic Church. I started pray and think of Jesus Christ first time of my life. Finally I gave Him my life. My health examination appeared to be unexpected good. Doctors were not able to explain that! But for me it was a sign that God is living God, who can change our lives opportunities. And He cares also about me! He afforded me to continue my sport carrier, but my priorities changed. Since that time God became the center of my life, in place of sport, and He gave me heart which needed to help another sportsmen, men and women.

In that time, by my friend inspiration, I met Wycliffe's representatives in Poland and could take a part in trainings, organized by them. There came the time to make a decision whether I intent to continue playing volley-ball. It was so hard and it tempted me to stay very much, but finally I decided to resign.

Since years my desire was to serve God in those places, where people have no access to the scripture. After missionary work training I went out to Papua New Guinea. At the moment I am a part of team which works on Bible translation to the one of 860 languages with which speak people live in that country. Everyday God reminds me His wish for me and for those people to and with who He leads me. God cares about our characters. During trainings in Great Britain in the last three years (Biblical College and Linguistic Institute) I faced to different opportunities, in which Holy Spirit showed me those weak, suffering areas inside me, and, on the other hand, He gave me unusual grace and care in practical things, and patient teaching as well.
   The experience that He is so close and has such a beautiful character makes that we do not break-down under our ugliness weight. On the contrary, we wish to believe that the work, which He begun in us (Philippians 1:6), He will finish by forming us, like a potter forms a piece of clay to make a useful pottery. It is a process which is not always pleasant. You have to dye yourself, e.g. when working with people of the different nations, denominations, and most of all, characters. It is not easy to leave your long-time habits, your own way of seeing things and troubles, to accept that something different is not worse, but often is better that those things which are mine. It is hard to leave your own safety area, in which you feel comfortable. But God cares more for our characters than our comfort.
I have been given to know the taste of success on world play-grounds. It is a pleasure to hear the words of appreciation from an expert and people who stimulate you to make good score. But it is only a shadow of those things, which God prepared for the people who love Him so strong, that they wish to serve Him and they eventually will hear their Master's words:
"Well done, good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:21)

O Lord, please lead our hearts to this success !

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